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How to Load a Player Object Set

This page describes how to load a player object set.

Once you load a player object set (/LPOS) it is only visible to you, however, other players can load it too or use the /RPO (/RefreshPlayerObjects) command on you.

In this example we will load a "bounce" style player object set (one where you bounce off mines in a Dunerider or big vehicle).

Step 1

Type /L 150 to teleport to the area where the player objects will appear (if the teleport takes you to a different location please load the player objects then use the /NPO and /GPO commands).

Step 2

Load the player object set by typing /LPOS BounceStunt2ByRksss (you may have to delete any existing player objects you have using the /dapo command).

Step 3

If you get the name BounceStunt2ByRksss exactly right (the capital letters do matter) the player objects will appear.

Step 4

Have fun... don't forget that the mines work best with big vehicles!

Step 5

If you break all the mines then type /DAPO to delete all of your player objects then use /LPOS BounceStunt2ByRksss to load the player objects again.

Note: you can find the names of more player object setups by visiting this page.